Our Business

Bioscience Animal Health Public Company Limited or BIS was founded by a group of veterinarians on February 20th, 2004. The company is a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of pharmacuetical supplies, medical devices, equipment, and products for livestock and companion animals. As company tagline "BEYOND ANIMAL WELLBEING", BIS has strong will to enhance animals' quality of lives by selecting great quality products by professional veterinarians.

Currently, BIS is Thailand's top 5 significant traders in the veterinary pharmaceuticals, supplementary food, and raw material markets with a wide range of products from leading suppliers worldwide. We serve all customer segmentation across ASEAN region with high-quality distribution, technical support, after-sales service, and proper marketing strategy; covering livestock, aquaculture, and companion animals markets in order to be the leader in providing innovation and creating products as well as servicing advanced technology in animals' quality of lives.

With a wide range of products
from leading suppliers worldwide

>446 Products

With professional and field expert founders and management team guaranteed by

>20 years experiences

Proportion of revenue in each product group

Animal Health Products, Nutrition Products and Diagnostic Products are the main contribution of BIS, 29.86% 16.40% 20.88% of total income (Q3 2021) consecutively. These 3 groups have high potential and demand in the market. Therefore, BIS focus to research and develop the innovative products in these groups such as vaccines, testkits, nutrition supplement products and manufaturing etc.

For the group of ingredient products and complete feed products, BIS focus to massive distribute and increase the scale in order to enhance the competitiveness and to expand the coverage of BIS in the market.

Moreover, the strength of BIS is the total service and solution as BIS vision "To be the trusted leader of the animal health industry that offers reliable, innovative products, and provides an array of cutting-edge services and creative solutions in Thailand and the ASEAN Economic Community / the ASEAN region."

Consolidated financial statements for the nine-month period ended
30 Sep 2020 30 Sep 2021
Million baht Percent Million baht Percent
Revenue from products sale 1,272.73 98.79% 1,404.06 99.12%
Animal Health 464.96 36.53% 419.19 29.86%
Nurtition 253.06 19.88% 230.26 16.40%
Diagnostic 144.51 11.35% 293.20 20.88%
Ingretient 208.28 16.36% 186.31 13.27%
Complete Feed 201.91 15.86% 267.13 18.81%
Other products - - 10.97 0.78%
Other revenues 15.63 1.21% 12.52 0.88%
Total revenues 1,288.36 100.00% 1,416.58 100.00%

The product sourcing and distribution of BIS can be categorized into 3 formats:

  • Exclusive Distributor
  • Non - exclusive Distributor
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Manufacture at BIS factory

The condition of each brand might be vary depend on the agreement and contract. However, BIS would consider the best condition to optimize the benefit of all stakeholders.

BIS customers of each market are:

  • Farm animal products: Feed mill, Integrated farm, Farm, Agent etc.
  • Companion animal products: Veterinary hospital and clinic, Petshop, Moderntrade, eCommerce etc.